Here is an update from Marc concerning the boys in Washington DC…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the format, yesterday was a two session round robin (8 matches overall) with the 25 teams (one from each ACBL District) vying for the top 16 spots (and the rest being eliminated).  It was a pretty long day, with both sessions lasting 4 hours.

We had a bit of a rocky start in the afternoon session (we were blitzed by a team from L.A. that finished 2nd overall), but then our team started playing more solid bridge: we won 2 of the next 3 matches, and we were in the middle of the pack in the standings at the break.  Ryley and Anne bid and made a Grand Slam that the opposite team didn’t find, while Daniel and I pushed to a couple of close games that were also missed by the other side.

After a nice meal in a Lebanese restaurant (we are staying in a very pretty and diverse part of town), we all continued to play steadily, with more swings in our favour when Daniel and I bid made a couple more vulnerable games, and Ryley and Anne played solid defense against their opponents.  We won 3 of the 4 evening matches (including a win against the eventual 3rd place team from South Carolina).

We finished playing just before midnight, and we ended up in 6th place with 90 VPs.

We are now in the knockout stages, and our opponents for today (8 rounds against one team) are from NY-NJ.  Daniel checked out the opposition on line last night (who can go to sleep when you are wired?) and they have a pretty good pedigree… Go Team 319 Go 😉


Thank you again for all your support. I will keep you posted tomorrow.


Marc, Daniel, Ryley and Anne