Bridge Resources

Please peruse these articles for many great bridge tips.  Thank you all to those excellent instructors who have given their permission to have this material recirculated.  Click on the large orange titles and then the  smaller article titles to access the content.  Articles are generally in Word or PDF format.

Spade Series Instructors Manual

Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-1 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-2 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-3 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-4 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-5 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-6 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-7 Commonly-Used-Conventions-Lesson-8

2nd Hand Play

Second Hand Play by Amy Nellissen

Trump Alzheimer’s

Trump Alzheimer’s June 20th 2016 Unit 431 Bridge Clubs           Our local clubs raised over $1300 for Alzheimer’s research while Canada-wide over $40,000 was raised!!! Thank you all for your generous support and we’ll see you next summer solstice.

Basic Rules for Negative Doubles

Negative Double by ginny Schnett

Advice on lead directing doubles

Doubling an Artificial Bid

2nd Hand Play by Amy Nellissen

Second Hand Play

Swiss Team Strategies

Swiss Team/Knockouts Strategies

10 Things to Learn – Mike Lawrence

TEN THINGS TO LEARN NOW–Mike Lawrence Workshop

Declarer Play – Barbara Seagram

Take More Tricks as Declarer – Barbara Seagram

Basic Opening Leads

Chart on opening leads

Defense vs. Trump Suit

Defense versus trump suit – Barbara Seagram

Hand Patterns – Monzingo

Hand Suit Patterns by Ken Monzingo

Why You Lose at Bridge by S.J. Simon


Bidding by a Passed Hand – Mike Lawrence

Passed Hand Bidding–Mike Lawrence Workshop

Communicating on Leads with Partner

Potential Partnership Agreements When Leading

Card Counting and Play – Mike Lawrence

Counting_Play_Class–Mike Lawrence Workshop


BALANCING–Mike Lawrence Workshop

Eddie Kantar 52 Bridge Facts

52 Facts of Bridge Life

Better Defense- Barbara Seagram